A selection of my graphics work undertaken on behalf of various organisations.

Promotional Posters

Alton Towers Camp 2010
Alton Towers Camp 2011
Alton Towers Camp 2012
Alton Towers Camp 2013
Derbyshire ExFest 2014
Derbyshire ExFest 2015
Alton Towers Camp 2015


East Midlands RoSPA Advanced Drivers Association (2010-2014)

In 2010 I designed a new logo for East Midlands RoSPA Advanced Drivers Association as part of the group’s desire to establish their own identity (beforehand they adopted the use of a national brand logo).

The new designed logo would retain the green ‘circle’ badge of the old national brand, but would have a local identity – in this case an outline of the 3 counties that the group serves (Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire & Staffordshire).

The new logo has since been applied to the groups branding, website, & clothing, and continued to be used until 2014.