Guest Blog Posting – Why I do it and the benefits

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Even though this particular blog isn’t very old or full of posts at the moment (give it time) I’ve actually been blogging since April 2016. To be more precise I’ve been taking up guest blogging, and this is something that lots of writers take up.

What is Guest Blogging?

Put simply – Guest Blogging is writing posts/articles for other websites. There are plenty of websites that offer people the opportunity to write guest posts for them, all covering a whole variety of topics. Indeed some websites thrive on content written for them by guest writers, and this is something that I’ve only been too happy to take advantage of.

Why did I take up Guest Blogging?

After viewing a particular local promotional website offering guest writing opportunities I decided to apply as a guest blogger for them, as I saw it as something different to do and thereby something new to add to my skill-set. The website in question was Love Derby, and in April 2016 my very first guest post was published by them – A review of Antibo’s restaurant in Derby.


The subject of my first guest blog post – Antibos Restaurant in Derby

With my first post published I caught the writing bug and decided that I wanted to continue guest blogging for local promotional websites such as Love Derby, for the following reasons:

  1. to build up my portfolio of guest articles
  2. I enjoy contributing to other established websites
  3. I’m a big fan of small, independent businesses (especially micropubs) and as such I like to promote these

Another factor for me continuing guest blogging over the first few months was that I didn’t have my own blog back then I didn’t originally envisage setting up a blog of my own in the future, but felt it would be better contributing to websites that cover that interests that I wrote about. Even though I now have my own blog the guest posting will continue.

My Love Derby portfolio

My articles portfolio for Love Derby (well, latest articles – as of December 2017)

The Benefits of Guest Blogging

In short guest blogging can work 2 or 3 ways:

  1. The blogger gets another article for their portfolio
  2. The website gets more content to add
  3. If writing about a business then that business in question gets promotion on the website being written for by the blogger, and if that website shares the post on social media then all the better for all party’s.

Expanding my Horizons

Having written a few Derby articles I decided that I wanted to branch out to other local areas by writing for more websites, in order to give my portfolio more credibility, and I’ve since written guest articles for Cool As Leicester and Hey What’s On Notts?. This has given me the opportunity to venture outside Derbyshire and write about small businesses from further afield (no prizes for guessing which type of business I’ve visited the most).

My 'Hey What's On Notts?' portfolio

My articles portfolio for Hey What’s On Notts? (as of December 2017)

A few thank you’s

I’d just like to take this opportunity to thank Love Derby, Cool As Leicester and Hey What’s On Notts? for giving me the opportunity to write guest articles for their websites. Here’s to more articles in the future.